Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Matra MS1 Electric Bike

Here is am electric bicycle, which actually looks like something you would be seen on. The Matra MS1’s electric motor is supposedly good for 62 miles and a top speed restricted to 28mph. The motor is also charged when or if the brakes are applied. If you eventually run out of juice, the standard pedals will keep you going.

No word on when or if this will hit production, but if it does it won’t be that cheap.

Source: Engadget

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Friday, September 28, 2007

The Sleek SP2008WF LCD Monitor with Webcam from Dell

This is Dell’s latest sleek LCD monitor; the 20 inch SP2008WF. With 1680 x 1050 native resolution, 2ms response time, and 2000:1 dynamic contrast ratio this monitor is sure to please.

With this latest monitor Dell has also integrated a 2 megapixel webcam and microphone. Included is remote monitoring, motion detection as well as time lapse video capturing.

The SP2008WF is priced to sell at $289

Source: Dell

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T100 mp3 Player from Creative brings the fight to the Shuffle

Creative are doing their best to make sure that Apple does not have it all their own way. Hot on the heels the very nice looking Creative Zen comes the minimalistic T100 mp3 player. The T100 is Creative’s answer to the Apple Shuffle.

The T100 as you can see is a stick that measures .75 x 2.5 x 0.9cm, so it will easily fit in a pocket. The T100 plugs directly into a USB port making transfer ever so simple and accepts MP3, WMA and Audible 2/3/4 file formats with 10 hours of playback.

When released in the States the T100 will be available with 2 or 4G and will come in black, blue, white, red, yellow and pink.

In the UK, the T100 retails for around ₤28 for 2Gb and ₤38 for the 4GB model

Source: Creative

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Mio DigiWalker C230

Are you always getting lost in a new city? Then the Mio DigiWalker C230 could be for you. The Mio DigiWalker C230 portable GPS navigation system is pre-loaded with maps of the US and real-time text-to-speech directions that get you to your destination while keeping your eyes on the road. For use in your car or carried as you walk the DigiWalker C230 has 1 million points of interest locations with support in English and 16 other languages.

Features in brief:
GPS Receiver Channels: 20 (SiRFStarIII), WAAS Enabled
Memory : On-board 1GB NAND flash memory
Display: 3.5" TFT with Touch Screen and 65k Colors
Storage Format: SD/MMC Memory Expansion Module
Battery: 800 mAH Li-ion
USB: V2.1
Weight: 5.08 oz (144g)
Dimensions: 3.54" x 3.30" x 0.94"

The Mio DigiWalker C230 should retail for around $250 and can be found on Amazon here.

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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Cosmos Gaming PC from Evesham

Those of you in the UK and Europe are probably more aware of the Evesham line of PC’s. Well for those gamers out there, Evesham have added a new model to their lineup; the Cosmos system.

The base Cosmos comes with:
3GHz Intel Core 2 Duo E6850 processor
2GB of Corsair DDR2 RAM
500GB SATA drive
NVIDIA's 768MB GeForce 8800 Ultra graphics card
Dual-layer DVD writer
24-inch widescreen monitor
Retailing for around ₤1,999 ($4,000)

The Elite Cosmos gets:
3GHz Intel Core 2 Extreme QX6850 CPU
2x 500GB HDDs
2x GeForce 8800 Ultras graphics cards
Retailing for around £3,199 ($6,445)

Source: Evesham

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

All in One PC from Gateway

Gateway having just been taken over by Acer are about to unveil there rather cool looking ‘One’ desktop system.

Not 100% certain of the specs etc. as the unveiling is scheduled for tomorrow at the Digital Life Show, but the folks over at Crave are saying that one of the models should spec out like this:
2GHz Core 2 Duo chip
500GB hard drive
3GB of memory
DVD burner
5-in-1 card reader
Cost around $1800

Other systems will come in around $1300 and $1500

We will have more once we have concrete information. But it does look cool from the side view

Source: Crave

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The MC1319P iPod Music System from the Ministry of Sound

Ministry of Sound has a new iPod dock music system; the MOSMC1319P. This system provides; a pair of two-way speakers that have a total of 20 watts, a built-in iPod dock, FM tuner, a preset equalizer, and a wireless remote. The MOSMC1319P plays MP3 / WMA / WAV and SD or MMC flash card. There is also a FM/MW PLL digital tuner with 40 station presets.

Output power 2 x 10w RMS
MP3 / WMA / CD / CDR / CDRW / iPod compatible
Full iPod docking functionality with iPod charging
FM / MW tuner
Multiple preset stations
USB interface
SD / MMC Card slot
VFD function display
Preset equalizer
Full remote control
Cloth speaker grills

The MOSMC1319P iPod system should retail for $177.

Source: Ministry of Sound Direct

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Credit Card mp3 Player from Brando

Looking for an ultra small and slim mp3 player; maybe the size of a credit card? Well, this 2GB USB Flash Card mp3 player almost fits that bill. It is just slightly bigger than a credit card, but should fit inside a wallet. The Brando mp3 player should retail for around $42 and includes a rechargeable battery; but no LCD display. The player can also be used as a mass storage device; just plug it into the USB port, and the computer will automatically detect and configure it without restarting the computer.

Support MP3 and WMA playback
Mobile data storage and exchange
LED indicator
Card Size ~ Slim & Light
Plug and play
Built-in rechargeable battery
Size: 85.5 x 54 x 4.5 mm
Weight: 20g
Support Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP, Linux or Mac OS

Source: Brando

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

New Low Cost Vaio NR Notebooks from Sony

Sony’s new VAIO NR series notebooks will be available in October with a starting price of $750, which is not bad. The new VAIO NR will be available in three colors; Wenge (rich brown with copper accents), silk (bright white with a matte finish), and granite (silver hue with natural tones).

All models in the NR range will have a 15.4 inch XBRITE-ECO™ LCD and will feature Intel Core 2 Duo processor on select models (NR160). Windows Vista Home Premium will also be included as well as 802.11 a/b/g wireless LAN

Some Specs:

Type: Intel® Pentium® Dual Core processor T2310, Speed: 1.46GHz
Memory Type: DDR2, 1GB (512MBx2)
Hard Drive Capacity: 120GB, Speed: 5400rpm

Type: Intel® Pentium® Dual Core processor T2310, Speed: 1.46GHz
Memory Type: DDR2, 1GB (512MBx2)
Hard Drive Capacity: 160GB, Speed: 5400rpm

Type: Intel® Pentium® Dual Core processor T2330, Speed: 1.6GHz
Memory Type: DDR2, 1GB (512MBx2)
Hard Drive Capacity: 160GB, Speed: 5400rpm

Type: Intel® Core™ 2 Duo Processor T5250, Speed: 1.5GHz
Memory Type: DDR2, 1GB (512MBx2) PC2-5300
Hard Drive Capacity: 160GB, Speed: 5400rpm

Source: Sony Press Release

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Monday, September 24, 2007

Sony Unveils New CDX Car Audio Units

Sony have just released 3 new car audio systems; the CDX-GT520, CDX-GT420IP and the CDX-GT320.

The CDX-GT520 is the top model in this lineup that supports MP3 and non-DRM WMA and AAC1. The system is also iPod, satellite radio and HD Radio ready. The unit features front, rear and subwoofer preamp outputs; has a flip-down detachable faceplate; and a 13-segment, LCD with blue LED display; and blue key illumination. You will need to purchase the iPod adapter (model XA-120IP) with this system, that charges the device and controls it from the head unit.

The CDX-GT420IP CD receiver comes with an iPod control interface. The unit is supplied with a 4.9-foot cable has a 30-pin connector made for most iPod players and provides full menu control. Other features include MP3 and non-DRM WMA playback, red key illumination and blue LED screen

The CDX-GT320 is the entry level unit and provides iPod, HD Radio and satellite radio compatibility. Features include; MP3 and non-DRM WMA playback support and two preouts. Again you will need to purchase the iPod adapter (model XA-120IP) with this system.

The CDX-GT520 should retail for around $140

The CDX-GT420IP should retail for around $130

The CDX-GT320 should retail for around $80

Source: Sony Press Release

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BlackBerry 8320 with WiFi for T Mobile

Sounds like T-Mobile users will get the option to purchase the RIM RIM BlackBerry 8320, the Curve with WiFi. As of Monday the BlackBerry 8320 will be available for $249.99 with a two-year contract, in either pale gold or titanium.

Quick feature list:
Wi-Fi and Mobile calling
myFaves compatible
Sprint exclusive applications support running on Sprint's high speed EVDO network
320x240 QVGA
312 MHz Intel processor
2 megapixel camera
Bluetooth 2.0
microSD expansion port

Source: Crave

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Friday, September 21, 2007

Linksys Debuts Range Plus Home Network Products

Linksys have just unveiled there new RangePlus family of home networking products. The RangePlus family includes; the RangePlus Wireless Router (WRT100), RangePlus Wireless Notebook Adapter (WPC100), RangePlus Wireless PCI Adapter (WMP100), and the RangePlus Wireless USB Notebook Adapter (WUSB100.

The RangePlus family uses Multiple Input, Multiple Output (MIMO) technology to provide greater wireless network coverage (reduces dead spots).

The WRT100 RangePlus Wireless Router comes with Linksys Easy Link Advisor (LELA). LELA helps the user set up a secure wireless network by following simple instructions on their PC. Simply start the application and easily add PC’s, enable security and automatically map the network.

Pricing and Availability
Both the WRT100 and WPC100 should retail for $99.99 each and are available now. The other RangePlus products will be available later this year.

Source: Linksys Press Release

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

9V Battery Flashlight Could Have Been Designed By a Caveman

Here’s an idea that will make you say ‘why didn’t I think of that’… This flashlight is so simple, even a caveman could have designed it. Flash lights don’t come much simpler than this. Take one 9V battery, housing for 3 LED lights and an on/off switch. Place housing on battery and there you have it; a tiny flashlight. Genius.

You should be able to get these from Kikkerland next month.

Source: Technabob

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Three New My Book External Drives From Western Digital

Western Digital’s My Book external drive now come in three new editions; My Book Home Edition, My Book Office Edition, and My Book Essential Edition 2.0. All three come with USB 2.0 and the Home Edition gets FireWire 400 and eSATA. Storage capacity range from 320GB to 1TB. They come with backup features and SmartPower (that automatically powers the drive on and off).

These three new My Books should retail for $129.99 to $379.99 depending on model and capacity.

Source: Engadget

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The Sleek DHT-FS3 Soundbar Home Theater System from Denon

If you are looking for a surround sound system without the clutter of all those wires, then take a close look at the Denon DHT-FS3 soundbar. This is a sleek, compact home theater surround sound system that will sit below your screen to give you an immersed sound experience.

The system comes in a piano black finish and comes with Dolby and dts decoders, along with the new X-Space technology. Denon states that the ‘X-Space technology, deliver stunning spatial sound for enhanced enjoyment’.

22 watts x 5 Channels
45 watt x1 Subwoofer
Dolby Digital and dts decoding
New X-Space technology
Dedicated iPod port for use with optional ASD-1R Denon D-dock
Auto Power Standby / On function
Slim build design
Wall or free standing mounting
Preprogrammed remote control included

The DHT-FS3 will retail for $1,199

Source: Denon

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Memory Stick Entertainment Pack for the PSP

Sony will be introducing two capacities of its Memory Stick Entertainment Pack for the PSP later this; 2GB or 4GB Memory Stick Duo media. Both come with an installer DVD loaded with four movies from Sony Pictures Entertainment, including “Click,” “Ghost Rider,” “RV” and “Stomp the Yard.”

You can use the installer DVD in a pc to optimize for PSP playback and transfer to the Memory Stick media. Also, any movie transferred from the bundled DVD to Memory Stick PRO Duo media is viewable on the PS3 at 720 x 480 resolution.

The 2GB Memory Stick Entertainment Pack (MSX-M2GSEP3) and the 4GB Memory Stick Entertainment Pack (MSX-M4GSEP3) will be available for about $55 and $90, respectively.

Source: Sony Press Release

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Vaio FZ Make a Splash with Artist Maya Hayuk

Sony have just unveiled a new edition to their VAIO FZ series; the VAIO Graphic Splash Maya Hayuk™ Edition.

The limited edition VAIO Graphic Splash Maya Hayuk™ Edition notebooks feature designs from emerging New York artists Maya Hayuk. There are two designs —“Grow” and “Never Stop”. As well as the limited edition designs, the laptops come crammed with goodies:

15.4" widescreen, built-in camera and mic
Blu-ray Disc™ optical drive,
NVIDIA® GeForce® 8400GT graphics
Intel Core Duo processor T7300 (2GHz, 4MB L2 cache)
Genuine Windows Vista® Home Premium

These artistic laptops do not come cheap at $2499.99.

If the price is too much, you could always ask your children to do some finger painting; you might end up with a similar effect.

Source: Sony Press Release

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Samsung's YP-P2 Media Player Listed on Amazon

We told you that Samsung’s YP-P2 media player would be available in September, well those folks over at Amazon have the players listed as ‘In Stock Soon’; so it would appear that the YP-P2 will be hitting the streets imminently.

Here is a quick look at the specs:
3" 16x9 widescreen LCD with touchscreen controls,
Video, Music, and Photo playback with the following compatible formats MP3, WMA, Subscription Music, MPEG4, WMV, JPG, TXT,
Built-in Bluetooth 2.0 compatible with Bluetooth headphones, speakers for wireless stereo playback,
DNSe 2.0 customizable with 10 preset EQ settings for music and 3 for video,
FM radio, text viewer, alarm clock, world clock, calendar,

You can pre-order over at Amazon

Samsung 8GB YP-P2 is retailing for $249.99

Samsung 4GB YP-P2 is retailing for $199.99

Let me know if you test one out.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Yamaha NX-U02 USB Powered Speaker

Yamaha have just released a new USB powered speaker; the NX-U02. This single speaker contains two speakers that give you stereo sound from the single box. Yamaha uses a PowerStorage circuit that allows for 20W (2 x 10W) of power from a USB speaker.

The NX-U02 includes Yamaha’s exclusive SR-Bass technology, to give a rich bass sound and the unit is available in black, white or red. Should be available next month.

Source: Everythingusb

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Aurvana X-Fi Noise-Canceling Headphones from Creative

Creative have just released there Aurvana X-Fi Noise-Canceling Headphones.

The Creative X-Fi Crystalizer utilizes algorithms to make any digital audio sound better by intelligently and selectively restoring the highs and lows that were lost during MP3 or other compression. The Creative X-Fi CMSS-3D virtually transforms stereo headphone playback into the more enjoyable and immersive listening experience of a surround sound speaker system. Movies sound like they are played on a home theatre system instead of being trapped between the listener's ears.
The Specs:
40mm Neodymium magnet drivers
Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz
Impedance: 450ohms (on), 72ohms (off)
Sensitivity (1kHz): 105dB/mW (on), 95dB/mW (off)
Noise Reduction Level: 20dB
Oxygen-Free Copper cables
Gold-plated connectors, including airline adapter
1.5m (5 ft) standard cable and 1.5m (5 ft) extension (iPhone compatible)

The Aurvana headphones will be available first in Singapore and if they make it State side then will cost around US$299.99

Source: Creative

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02 Launch iPhone in the UK November 9

Apple’s first European carrier for the iPhone is; O2 in the UK.

Here is a rundown:
Lauch date set for November 9th
Price set at £269 including VAT
Unlimited data comes standard with the £35, £45 and £55 voice plans (include 200, 600 and 1200 minutes, respectively)
EDGE capability
Free WiFi for O2 iPhone users at the 7,500 hotspots serviced by Cloud in the

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Friday, September 14, 2007

Microsoft Mobile Memory Mouse 8000 Gives You 1Gb Extra Memory

The Microsoft Mobile Memory Mouse 8000, is the first rechargeable notebook mouse with 1 GB of flash memory built right into the transceiver. With the Memory Mouse 8000 you can simultaneously work wirelessly, save files with 1 GB of storage and recharge the mouse; all through one USB port.

The Mobile Memory Mouse 8000 features:
Transceiver with 1 GB Flash Memory
2.4 GHz Wireless Technology
USB Rechargeable with Magnetic Connectors
High Definition Laser Technology
Battery Life Indicator
4-Way Scrolling
5-Button Mouse
Flip 3D
Instant Viewer
Right Handed Design
Scroll Wheel
On/Off Button
Bluetooth Mode Switch
Carrying Case

You can pre-order the Microsoft Mobile Memory Mouse 8000 from Amazon for $99.99

Source: Microsoft Press Release

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Wireless Notebook Presenter Mouse 8000 Comes with Everything Almost

Microsofts Wireless Notebook Presenter Mouse 8000 is an all in one mouse for your laptop, and is the first (according to Microsoft) to feature an integrated slide presenter, a laser pointer, and a media remote control.

With the Wireless Notebook Presenter Mouse 8000 you can:
Smoothly navigate through Microsoft Office PowerPoint® and other presentations from up to 30 feet away from your PC.
Use for multimedia presentations and control digital entertainment from the comfort of your living room sofa.

Battery Life Indicator
2.4 GHz Bluetooth® with First Connect Technology2.4 GHz Bluetooth® with First Connect Technology
High Definition Laser Technology
Laser Pointer
Innovative Industrial Design
Digital Ink
On/Off Switch
4-Way Scrolling
Carrying Case
Instant Viewer
Customizable Buttons
Wireless Freedom
Five Customizable Buttons
5-Button Mouse

Microsoft Wireless Notebook Presenter Mouse 8000 is available at Amazon for around $70

Source: Microsoft

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Marantz CR101 Vertically Aligned CD System

The CR101 vertical CD player from Marantz comes with a piar of remote controls; a mini 8 button and larger standard sized remote. The CD player offers 2.1 channel with 10W sub and 2x 5W speakers and an AM/FM tuner.

No word on when this system will hit the USA

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Thursday, September 13, 2007

iRiver 8GB Clix 2 Now Available

Just a quick update. You can now purchase an 8GB iRiver Clix 2 here in the USA. With a 2.2 inch screen, FM tuner, voice recorder and 24 hours of battery life; the 8GB iRiver Clix 2 costs $239.99.

Continuous Playback Time(Audio) Approx. 24 hours (MP3, 128kbps, EQ Normal, Vol 20, Display Off).
Continuous Playback Time(Video) Approx. 5 hours (AVI, 320x240@15fps, Video 384kbps, Audio 128kbps/44.1kHz.
Connection Type USB 2.0.
Equalizer 7 EQ, User EQ and SRS WOW HD.
Dimensions Approx. 80.3 x 46.8 x 12.8(mm).
Weight Approx. 55g.
Line In/Out N/A.
Audio Frequency Range 20Hz~20kHz.
Headphone Output Power 17mW(R) + 17mW(L) (16 ) at Max. Volume.
S/N Ratio 90dB : A weighted.
File support File Type MPEG 1/2/2.5 Layer 3, WMA, ASF, WMV9 SP, MPEG-4 SP, Macromedia Flash Lite 2.1, TXT, non-progressive JPEG.
Bit Rate MP3, WMA : 8Kbps ~ 320Kbps / OGG : Up to Q10.
Tag ID3 V1 Tag, ID3 V2 2.0, ID3 V2 3.0, ID3 V2 4.0.
Display Main Set Display 2.2" AMOLED (262K Color, 320x240).
Power Supply Battery Internal Li-poly rechargeable Battery.
O/S Windows requirement MSC mode: Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP or later MTP mode: Windows XP with SP2 or later.

Source: iRiver

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Vantage Headset and MediBoard Pro for Playstation 3

Logitech have just unveiled the Logitech® Cordless Vantage™ Headset for the Playstation 3 and Logitech® Cordless MediaBoard Pro Bluetooth Keyboard for Playstation 3. Both are aimed at enhancing the Playstation 3 experience.

With the Cordless MediaBoard Pro™ you can quickly set up profiles, enter Web addresses, and send text messages. The built-in touch pad with vertical scrolling eliminates the need for a mouse. The Cordless Bluetooth® technologyallow you to use the MediaBoard Pro™ up to 30 feet (10 meters) away from your Playstation 3.

The Logitech Vantage Bluetooth Headset for Playstation 3 providesBluetooth connection for PS3 gamers. The Vantage headset features an ambidextrous behind-the-head design that can easily be worn on either ear by the simple rotation of the headband and microphone. The headset also features an adjustable noise canceling microphone to reduce unwanted background noise. It uses rechargeable batteries that should give more than 12 hours of wireless game play.

Other features:
Patented, behind-the-head design.
Noise-canceling microphone:
Rechargeable batteries: The headset charges via USB or the included wall

The Logitech Cordless Vantage Headset should retail for $79.99 when it is available in November and the Logitech Cordless MediaBoard Pro Bluetooth Keyboard should retail for $79.99 when it is available in October

Source: Logitech Press Release

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SoundBlade BlueTooth Speaker from Altec Lansing

Here is another offering from Altec Lansing; the SoundBlade Bluetooth Speaker System. The SoundBlade features two 2.5” full-range high output speakers and full stereo Bluetooth v.2 for wireless connectivity with most A2DP stereo Bluetooth mobile phones and laptops.

The SoundBlade comes with AVRCP for two-way remote volume, mute and track forward/back controls from a mobile phone and can also double as a wireless speakerphone.

The SoundBlade measures in at measures 6.125” H x 11.125” W x 1.0” D and can be powered by AC or AA batteries. Should retail for around $129.99

Source: Altec Lansing

You should also check out:

SoundBar from Altec Lansing
AudioHub from Logitech
MD-6 Mini Speakers from Nokia
Pure-Fi Dream from Logitech

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

AudioHub Laptop Speakers from Logitech

Logitech today announced their AudioHub Notebook Speaker System. Designed to fit behind most notebooks, the AudioHub combines a 2.1 one piece speaker system with three integrated Hi Speed USB ports.

The AudioHub features an adjustable one-piece, three-chamber speaker system with an integrated subwoofer that creates balanced audio with clear highs and solid lows. The three USB ports will always come in handy.

The AudioHub is just 3.5 inches high and the adjustable speakers allow you to set them for your laptop, so that the sound is exactly where you want it.

The AudioHub should retail for around $99.99 and should be available from October

Source: Logitech Press release

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The Soundbar from Altec Lansing

Check out Altec Lansing’s new one piece Soundbar, which can fit snuggly under your flat panel monitor. It has a low profile rectangular speaker that features precision angled drivers and built in sfx (sound field expander) sound widening technology.
It has a single in/out cable and side mounted auxiliary input and headphone jack. The single knob on the front controls the system.

“Immersive sound” is an audio advance that changes the listening experience. Music no longer seems to come through a speaker, but from an extended soundstage. Altec Lansing’s proprietary SFX signal-processing immersion technology audibly widens the soundstage to a startling degree. Tuck it under your flat-screen monitor for a new audio experience — and enjoy a refreshingly open desktop, improved wire management and simplified speaker connections to your PC and iPod® or CD player.

Powerful 2+1 system maximizes performance and clarity with two 2” precision-engineered speakers and a large bass pressure driver.

Full-range angled speakers and Altec Lansing’s proprietary SFX technology combine to widen the audio image.

XdB technology brings out the bass without a subwoofer.

Connects other audio devices, including older iPod models, iPod shuffle, other MP3 players, or laptops (cable included).

The Altec Lansing Soundbar should retail for around $99

Source: Altec Lansing

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Monday, September 10, 2007

The All New Sansa View

Here is SanDisk’s answer to the new iPod Nano; the Sansa View. The Sansa View comes in two memory configurations; 8GB and 16GB. The 16GB will retail for around $199, about the same as the 8GB iPod Nano. Is this an iPod Nano, maybe not, but if you are looking at a player based on storage capabilities and price, then it might fit the bill.

The Sansa View has an expected battery life of 35 hours for music and 7 hours for video and supports H.264, WMV and MPEG4 video. Videos are viewed on the 2.4 inch screen and the screen automatically displays in landscape mode. The Sansa View also supports MicroSD/SDHC memory cards that can increase the available memory to 24GB on the 16GB model.

Other features:
Supports most audio formats, including MP3, protected and unprotected WMA, WAV, DRM-free MP3 downloads
Gapless playback for smoother music transition
Digital FM radio with 20 pre-sets
Audible audiobook support
Video compatibility with MPEG4, WMV, H.264
Sansa Media Converter supports a large number of other video formats, including DivX
Smooth video playback at 30 frames per second (fps)
Photo JPEG viewing capabilities - up to 16 megapixel

Dimensions: 4.29 x 1.95 x 0.35 inches
Weight: 2.9 oz

The Sansa View should retail for around $199 for the 16GB and $149 for the smaller 8GB

Source: SanDisk Press Release

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Reflective iPod Nano Case from Griffin

Hot off the heels of the new iPod nano launch, Griffin is about to release a selection of cases for the new third generation nano. This case which is due in October, features a mirrored finish on the front. When the nano is off, the screen appears to have no window; switch the nano on and voila, the screen is visible. Looks and concept are cool; lets see what it is like in the flesh.

Source: Griffin Technology

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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Sony Add High End Blu-Ray Players

This week Sony adds to their line-up of Blu-ray players with the BDP-S2000ES and BDP-S500. Both feature full high-definition 1080/60p and 24p True Cinema output. They support 7.1 channel linear PCM and Dolby® TrueHD, Dolby® Digital Plus, as well as dts-HD™ High Resolution Audio bitstream output via HDMI™ (ver1.3) and compliment Sony’s current entry level model; the BDP-S300.

More Features:
Compatible with most standard DVDs and feature 1080p upscaling through HDMI to capable HDTV sets

Support AVCHD discs encoded with x.v.Color™ (xvYCC) technology

Compatible with BD-R/RE (BDMV mode), DVD+R/+RW, DVD-R/-RW (Video Mode), CD, CD-R/RW (CD-DA format), MP3, and JPEG on DVD recordable media

Include BRAVIA® TheatreSync™ through HDMI

Pptical and coaxial digital audio outputs, along with 5.1 channel decoding capability for backward compatibility with existing A/V receivers

The BDP-S2000ES will retail for around $1,300 and the BDP-S500 for around $700.

Source: Sony Press Release

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Friday, September 7, 2007

The USB Airplane Fan is Way Cool

OK, so there are plenty of USB powered fans out there, but this one is way cool. Just plug into your USB port and the tiny planes propeller will spin to provide a cooling breeze.

If you need something different for a gift; then this has to be worth considering.

Source: Everything USB

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Nokia's Cool Looking MD 6 Mini Speakers

I spotted these cool looking speakers from Nokia for the Nokia Xpress handsets. The MD-6 “Pocket Speakers” look pretty cool and at just 4.8 inches long; they won’t take up much room. As you can see from the picture, there is a hinged top that when open, reveals the two speakers.

The MD-6 also includes a cable management system and built in FM radio, with an estimated battery life of 27 hours (4AAA batteries).

Source: Nokia Europe

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Seagates New Maxtor One Touch 4 Family of External Drives

Seagate has just updated its Maxtor One Touch line of external drives, the One Touch Four family of drives come in three versions; OneTouch 4, OneTouch 4 Plus, and OneTouch Mini

All threee models are enclosed in black plastic and metal that Seagate. They all other Seagates OneTouch backup, to make backing up data easy.

OneTouch 4 will be available with 250GB, 500GB , or 750GB of storage and a price range of $99.99 to $269.99

OneTouch 4 Plus is available with 250GB, 500GB, 750GB, or 1TB of storage and a price range of $129.99 to $359.99

OneTouch Mini is available with 80GB, 120GB, and 160GB of storage and a price range of $99.99 to $149.99

Source: Seagate

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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Let Sony Organize Your Digital World The HES-V1000 Home Entertainment Server

Sony have just introduced there solution to help you organize your personal collections of digital movies, music and photos; the stand-alone HES-V1000 Home Entertainment Server (it’s not cheap…)

The HES-V1000 Home Entertainment Server features a full HD 1080p 200-disc Blu-ray Disc™/DVD/CD changer, a 500GB hard disc drive that can store up to 137 hours of video, 40,000 songs or 20,000 digital photos and a Blu-ray Disc burner.

The HES-V1000 offers Sony’s new x-Application® feature that includes x-Pict Story™ HD and x-ScrapBook™ photo slide show so users can create customized photo presentations with the click of the remote.

The HES-V1000 system can play back music stored on the hard drive and can wirelessly stream music throughout the home with a router to other devices. The system can register up to ten devices with four independent audio streams.

There are also plenty of connections available; S-video, composite, audio and HDV/DV (i.LINK®) inputs, as well as HDMI™ with BRAVIA Theatre Sync, component, optical, coaxial, analog outputs, as well as, Memory Stick® media inputs, Secure Digital cards, CompactFlash media and xD-Picture CardTM flash memory readers.

The HES-V1000 Home Entertainment Server will be available in October for about $3,500.

Source: Sony Press Release

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HP's New iPAQ 210 and iPAQ 110 Handhelds

Is the PDA dead? HP thinks not as they unveil several new iPAQ’S; the iPAQ 210 Enterprise Handheld and the HP iPAQ 110 Classic Handheld are two that will probably be the most popular.

The HP iPAQ 210 Enterprise Handheld is business orientated with a a 4-inch touch screen display, 802.11b/g wireless networking and high-capacity SDIO and Compact Flash.

Operating system: Microsoft® Windows Mobile® 6 Classic
Processors available: Marvell PXA310 processor 624 MHz
Memory: 64 MB SDRAM
Flash memory: 256 MB Flash ROM
Ports: 1 mini USB, 1 headphone/line-out, 1 microphone in, 1 docking connector
Slots: 1 SDIO, 1 Compact flash
Display: 4.0-inch Transflective color TFT 480 x 640 pixel touch screen with LED backlight
Wireless: 802.11b/g with WPA2 security; Bluetooth 2.0 with EDR
Software installed: Windows Mobile Office Outlook; Windows Mobile Office; Internet Explorer Mobile; Windows Media Player Mobile; Microsoft ActiveSync; Windows Mobile Device Center; MSN Messenger; Games; Calculator; Audio Recorder
Dimensions (w x d x h): 2.99 x .063 x 4.96 in
Weight: 6.8 oz

Designed to keep your life in balance, the HP iPAQ 110 Classic Handheld is a sleek, stylish personal organizer and affordable companion to your cell phone. Go online with Wi-Fi and keep your calendar, contacts and tasks up-to-date.

You can also view, share, and manage photos with HP Photosmart Mobile and listen to music and watch videos with Windows Media Player 10 Mobile

Operating system: Microsoft® Windows Mobile® 6 Classic
Processors available: Marvell PXA310 processor 624 MHz
Memory: 64 MB SDRAM
Flash memory: 256 MB Flash ROM
Audio: Integrated microphone, receiver, speaker, 3.5mm 4 pin headphone jack
Ports: 1 mini USB, 1 headphone/line-out
Slots: 1 SDIO
Display: 3.5-inch Transflective TFT RGB color 240 x 320 pixel touch screen with LED backlight
Wireless: 802.11b/g with WPA2 security; Bluetooth 2.0 with EDR
Software installed: Windows Mobile Office Outlook; Windows Mobile Office; Internet Explorer Mobile; Windows Media Player Mobile; Microsoft ActiveSync; Windows Mobile Device Center; MSN Messenger; Games; Calculator; Audio Recorder File Manager
Dimensions (w x d x h): 2.71 x 0.54 x 4.59 in
Weight: 3.86 oz (114.6 g)

The HP iPAQ 210 Enterprise Handheld should be available in October
HP iPAQ 110 Classic Handheld should be available in September

Source: HP Press Release

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