Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Matra MS1 Electric Bike

Here is am electric bicycle, which actually looks like something you would be seen on. The Matra MS1’s electric motor is supposedly good for 62 miles and a top speed restricted to 28mph. The motor is also charged when or if the brakes are applied. If you eventually run out of juice, the standard pedals will keep you going.

No word on when or if this will hit production, but if it does it won’t be that cheap.

Source: Engadget


mark said...

Electric Bicycles and Electric Scooters

Elmo The Electric Bike and Electric Scooter Guy

This is an excellent blog for electric bicycles. There are not too many around like this. Thanks for making this such an interesting subject. Oh, by the way, Wired Magazine has a great article on hybrid cars this month. (Jan 2008 issue).

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