Thursday, September 20, 2007

Memory Stick Entertainment Pack for the PSP

Sony will be introducing two capacities of its Memory Stick Entertainment Pack for the PSP later this; 2GB or 4GB Memory Stick Duo media. Both come with an installer DVD loaded with four movies from Sony Pictures Entertainment, including “Click,” “Ghost Rider,” “RV” and “Stomp the Yard.”

You can use the installer DVD in a pc to optimize for PSP playback and transfer to the Memory Stick media. Also, any movie transferred from the bundled DVD to Memory Stick PRO Duo media is viewable on the PS3 at 720 x 480 resolution.

The 2GB Memory Stick Entertainment Pack (MSX-M2GSEP3) and the 4GB Memory Stick Entertainment Pack (MSX-M4GSEP3) will be available for about $55 and $90, respectively.

Source: Sony Press Release


David said...

It may be a great concept but if you have any trouble getting the code to work or a sript error in MSIE don't call SONY for support. They are like deer in the headlights. I have spent countless hours and wasted time on a round-robin game of pass the buck and still no one at SONY has a clue on what to do to fix my tiny script error problem. Granted it is in MSIE, but the problem is with there product and there wiz-bang engineers should have been on top of this or at least know of a work around in case this happens. Don't waste your time with this new technology until they get all the bumps ironed out, it is not worth the hassle.