Friday, January 18, 2008

Griffin PowerDock 4 Does What the Name Suggests

Personally I do not have the need for this product, but if you have at least 4 iPod’s in your house then the Griffin PowerDock 4 should may be on your ‘to buy’ list.

The PowerDock 4 as the name suggests gives you the ability to charge up to 4 iPod players at the same time – genius. The PowerDock 4 comes with a set of Universal Dock insert adapters to ensure that every iPod gets a place to charge.

Some Specs:
Charging base plugs into standard 120VAC wall outlet
Heavy, brushed metal base stays put on your desk
Charges any combination of 4 iPod models at a time
Works with iPhone
8 Universal Dock inserts included to fit iPod models that charge by Dock Connector

The PowerDock 4 should retail for around $70

Source: GriffinTechnology