Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Dreamate Helps You Sleep

The Dreamate is a new patented device that will help to improve your sleeping. The device is worn on the wrist and follows the Meridian Theory of Chinese Medicine. There are 3 specific acupuncture points on the wrist that form a "Golden Triangle" and when Dreamate is worn, small electrical pulses are emitted, stimulating these acupuncture points. This improves the blood circulation and leads to the release of Melatonin that reduces stress and helps you sleep better. The device massages the “Golden Triangle” area of the wrist and re-tunes your biological clock.

The Dreamate should be used for 15 minutes, approximately 30 minutes before going to bed and after several days use, you should start to notice an improvement (this is according to the manufacturer). I can not say how effective this is, but if you are someone that suffers with insomnia or poor sleep patterns, this might be worth a try.

The Dreamate is available at Amazon for $84.95

Source: Amazon via Coolest Gadgets