Wednesday, January 16, 2008

MacBook Air Can Thin Be Too Thin

As you can see from the image, this is the new and very thin MacBook Air. With vital stats that would make any up and coming catwalk laptop feint in disbelief; the MacBook Air is the thinnest laptop in the world (unless you know different).

Here are the specs:
Weight a mere 3lbs
16 inches at its thinnest
76 inches deep
13.3 inch screen (LED backlit)
80GB Hard Drive or optional 64GB SSD)
1.6 or 18GHz Core 2 Duo
802.11n wifi
Bluetooth 2.1
iSight Camera
5 hour battery life
Optional Superdrive as there is no optical drive.

Priced at around $1800

The only downside – you will not be able to replace the battery yourself (at the moment)