Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Duracell PowerSource Mobile 100 Extends Your Mobile Runtime

Duracell’s PowerSource Mobile 100 brings backup power to all your mobile devices. The PowerSource Mobile 100 is a portable, rechargeable AC and USB power solution that allows you to extend the runtime by up to 2 hours, of almost any mobile device (iPod, cell phone, video camera etc..).

The PowerSource Mobile 100 has one AC outlet and two USB charge ports, so you can run or charge multiple devices simultaneously. It can provide:
Laptop 2 hours of run time
Cellular phone 18 hours of talk time
BlackBerry® 9 days of operating time
Portable game console 8 hours of play time
Mp3 player 96 hours of play time

It features:
Two AC outlets for connecting multiple loads
High surge capacity for products that require more power to start
High efficiency - converts virtually all of the battery's available power to AC
Mounting brackets for convenient installation in your truck, boat or RV
Heavy duty stud-connection mounting

The Duracell PowerSorce Mobile 100 retails for around $99

Source: Duracell