Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Bi Metal HA-FX300 Ear Buds from JVC

JVC has just released a premium ear-bud; the HA-FX300. The HA-FX300 uses an aluminum evaporation diaphragm to reproduces high-frequency detail more accurately than conventional cellulose or polymer-based diaphragms. These ear-buds also come with JVC’s new Bi-METAL structure where the drive unit is housed in a stainless steel base wrapped in a high-specific-gravity brass ring to eliminate vibration and energy loss.

The HA-FX300 also uses an aluminum housing and oxygen-free copper (OFC) that minimizes transmission loss. The ear-buds come with three different sized silicon rubber earpieces and a pair of memory foam earpieces for a customized fit.

The HA-FX300 will retail for around $99.95 and are available in black, red and bronze.

Source: JVC