Friday, November 16, 2007

The AeroBlast and AeroSpin Vacuums from Panasonic

OK, so it’s not the latest Panasonic TV and you can not make hands free calls on it. But someone over at Panasonic spent a lot of time to bring you their new line of upright cyclonic bagless vacuum cleaners; yes, vacuum cleaners.

The AeroBlast MC-UL975 and AeroSpin MC-UL675 and MC-UL671 are the latest vacuum cleaners from Panasonic. All three models have been designed (according to Panasonic) to make cleaning easy, efficient and effective.

Each one comes with 12 amp motors, anti-static dirt cups and automatic filter cleaning systems (which are supposed to ensure they operate at full power without dirt clogging the filters). The top of the line MC-UL975 features a dual motor system for more thorough carpet cleaning, more accurate agitator speed for different surfaces and a longer lasting belt. The model also features a cleaning system that activates when the unit is turned on.

As you would expect they also come with a myriad of cleaning attachments.

The AeroBlast MC-UL975 is not cheap at $699.99, with the AeroSpin™ MC-UL675 and MC-UL671 coming in at a more reasonable $249.99 and $199.99 respectively.

Source: Panasonic Press Release