Thursday, October 11, 2007

Sony Makes it Easy For Boat Loving Music Lovers

Sony have just unveiled its first splash-proof CD receiver with iPod-direct control functionality; the CDX-H905IP.

The CSX-H905IP is Sony’s top model that includes a 9.8-foot cable has a 30-pin connector made for most iPod players and provides full menu control and charging.It supports MP3, WMA and AAC music formats and comes with 52 watts x 4 high-power output, a direct sunlight viewable white LCD screen, and a 9 kHz and 10 kHz switchable tuner. You can also add one of the compatible remotes, the RM-X55M and RM-X11M which retail for around $130 and $100 respectively.

The CSX-H905IP will retail for around $350

If you are just looking for a stereo check out the CDX-M50IP or the CDX-M30. Both are iPod capable (the CSX-M30 requires an adaptor).

The CDX-M50IP will retail for around $170 and the CDX-M30 around $200

Source: Sony Press