Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Samsung SGH-800 Camera or Phone

There are plenty of good camera phones out there; even some with 5 megapixels. But the Samsung SGH-800 goes one further and adds a ‘3x optical zoom lens’. That’s right this phone certainly thinks it’s a digital camera, with great looks also. From the back, you would be hard pressed to tell this was a phone. Turn it around and the Samsung SGH-800 reveals a smooth looking slider phone

The SGH-800 will be released for the folks over in Europe (and hopefully the States will follow in the not so distant future) in November.

This great looking phone gives you:
HSDPA support
Auto-focus, Optical zoom, Xenon flash, Digital Image stabilization, red eye reduction, and face detection system on the camera
PictBridge support
Bluetooth 2.0 support
2.4 inch 262K color QVGA display
microSD memory card
Measures 101 x 51 x 19 mm

Source: Krunker