Friday, October 5, 2007

Amp+ Sport Remote for iPod Nano Available at Nike

If you are looking for a cool way to control your Apple iPod Nano and you happen to have a pair (or why not buy a pair) Nike+ shows then head over to the Nike + store as they have the Amp+ Sport Remote Control available.

Not only is the Amp+ Sport Remote Control a remote control it is also a watch that is water resistant to 50m.

Features of the Amp+ Sports Remote are:
Durable polyurethane strap that can be cut to fit your wrist (interesting concept)
Stainless steel custom-fit buckle
LED displays time of day and icons for iPod nano controls when activated by the remote
Instant voice feedback of time, distance, calories and pace
Power song accessed through left-side button for quick motivation
Raised remote buttons for easy grip and precision

The Amp+ Sport Remote Control is listed at $79

Source: Nike