Saturday, September 1, 2007

WebsiteGrader - Grades Your Website

Here is an interesting site for any one who owns or is involved with designing or maintaining a website; WebsiteGrader as the name suggests will grade your website for basic Search Engine Optimization. The site is free and you can even compare your site with that of a competitor. PC Mag has just rated it in their 'Top 100 Undiscovered Websites'.

Just enter your URL, some keywords (optional) and the URL of a competitor and the site will produce a report detailing:

Website Grade
Google Page Rank
Alexa Rank
Technorati Rank
Google Inbound Links
Yahoo Inbound Links
Delicious Saved Count
Google Indexed Pages
Digg summary

The report summarizes your webpage structure and highlights missing elements, such as; keywords not found, description missing etc…

You can even access the report later via a link that is emailed to you.

Check it out; it might give you some pointers.

Source: WebsiteGrader via PC Mag