Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Sony's New Slim DSC-T200 and DSC-T70 Cameras

Sony today introduced two new cameras to their T-series; the ultra-slim 8-megapixel DSC-T200 and the 8-megapixel DSC-T70.

The DSC-T200 model comes with a 3.5-inch wide LCD touch-panel that controls all of the camera’s settings, a 5x Carl Zeiss® optical zoom lens and is available in silver, black and red

The DSC-T70 camera comes with a 3-inch wide LCD touch panel, a 3x Carl Zeiss optical zoom lens and is available in silver, black, white and pink

Both cameras can be connected to an HDTV via HD cable or HD cradle (which of course are sold separately). They can also be connected to a Sony BRAVIA® HD television, and photos are optimized for television viewing with Sony’s new “Photo TV HD” mode

The cameras also feature a new smile shutter function; which automatically detects and captures a person smiling.

Bothe cameras should be available in September with the DSC-T200 retailing for around $400 and the DSC-T70 for around $300

Source: Sony Press Release