Friday, August 24, 2007

Optio Z10 and Optio S10 Digital cameras from Pentax

Pentax this week announced two new compact digital cameras; the 8 megapixel Optio Z10 and the 10 megapixel Optio S10.

The sleek and stylish Optio Z10 includes 7X optical zoom, 8 megapoixels, high speed detection time Face Recognition, digital Shake Reduction that allows ISO to 3200 and comes with a sliding lens cover for extra protection that also operates the on/off camera setting (aka Sony Style).

The Optio S10 icludes 10 megapixels, high-speed Face Recognition, digital Shake Reduction, DivX Certified and according to Pentax is one of the smallest and lightest 10MP cameras out there (as of now).

The OptioZ10 and Optio S10 will be available in September will retail around $249.95. You can pre-order the Optio Z10 at Amazon. The Optio S10 will be available exclusive;y at Walmart.

Source: Pentax Press Release