Friday, August 10, 2007

Interactive Furniture is Chameleon Like

Here is some furniture that will surely be a conversation piece at a party. Japanese researchers have produced an interactive ‘table and chairs’ that can change color based on the color of the item placed on top of it.

Place an item on the table and the chairs change color to match the item. The chairs also have sensors that calculate the weight of the person sitting on them; the heavier the person the darker the shade.

The circular table acts as the central control point for the four stools. Sensors sit beneath a glass plate on the top of the table and scan any object placed on it. The sensors bounce red, green and blue light off the objects and record which hues are reflected. An Apple Mac buried in the table then sends wireless messages to the four stools, which project light through their translucent shells to match, as closely as possible, the colour of the object on the table top

Place more than one item and the system mixes and merges colors.

Source: BBC