Sunday, July 29, 2007

The XAV-W1 in Car Audio Video System from Sony

If you are looking for an in car audio / video system, check out the XAV-W1 from Sony.
The XAV-W1 is claimed to provide ‘high quality video and audio as well as connectivity to MP3 players and various personalization options’.

The new XAV-W1 features the SA-CD audio format and also the accompanying 5.1-Channel surround sound option. It has a 7-inch video screen (measured diagonally) that incorporates the WVGA TFT high-end standard for picture quality.

XAV-W1 specs in brief:
Support for SA-CD playback
5.1 channel audio in the form of Dolby Digital surround sound and dts Digital Surround Processing
7 inch display with WVGA resolution
Supports CDs, DVD video playback
JPEG, WMA, and MP3 file format support
Satellite radio and Apple iPod ready with controller devices sold separately
Support for Sony HD Radio tuner
Includes remote control which allows back seat passengers control of the system
Rear auxiliary input - universal 3.5 mm mini-plug input
Delivers 52 watts across four channels
3AV input to connect other A/V devices
Zone by Zone support allows users to set separate audio zones for front and rear seats

You will be able to pick up the Sony XAV-W1 for around $800 dollars when it becomes available in August.

Source: Sony Press Release


Ned Hughes said...

And now I know what to get my brother for his birthday. Thank you for this review. It's just what I was looking for. We'll never see him again, he'll be driving around listening to his satellite.

bw said...

Hope your brother enjoys it.

Thanks for the feedback