Friday, July 13, 2007

UK Police Get Head Mounted Video Cameras

Not content with having surveillance cameras on every street corner, the UK is now about to fit police officers with head mounted video cameras. These 'head-cams' will be able to store up to 400 hours of footage with soundtrack on their hard drive.

The ‘head cams’ have already been tested in Plymouth which showed that these "body worn video devices" led to an increase in the proportion of crimes where the offender was brought to justice compared with incidents where the cameras were not used.

Before they can be used in an area the local police have to advertise the fact that they will be using this new type of surveillance gear with posters such as: "Glass head", "Police, camera, action!", "Handcuffed" and "Video Screen". When an officer is using the ‘head cam’ they will also have to display a sign informing the public that they will be using the device. Maybe a bid arrow on their head stating ‘You are being filmed, be careful what you do’….

Source: Thisislondon