Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Talking Toilet To Invade The UK

It’s coming to a bathroom (restroom) near you; if you are in the UK, that is.

The Clean Seat Matic comes from Holland and is a 'talking toilet' which tells users when to press the flush. It contains a three-minute speech chip with a recorded set of instructions. Check out the video below

The system automatically places a paper cover seat and on flushing washes away everything including the paper seat. According to Hans van Reenen of manufacturer Clean Seat Holland said: 'The Clean Seat Matic is the first profit-making toilet that also provides a better experience for the customer. Customers appreciate this service and pay full attention to the messages.'

Offers a new standard in hygiene for toilets;
Was developed on the principal that every user is entitled to an absolutely clean, dry, sanitary, paper lined seat;
Provides comfort, simplicity;
Offers every user a safe and sanitary seat;
Functions without touching the system;
Is at the head of technological advances that provide comfort, simplicity and sanitary safety for each user;
Is controlled by the user by activating the infra-red sensor. Simply pass your hand over the sensor. The toilet seat automatically lowers and the toilet seat is completely lined with paper
Is equipped with a speech chip that requests the toilet user to flush the toilet after getting up from the toilet seat. Each required language can be recorded. Also a speech chip can be used with a capacity of 3 minutes. This option could be used for commercial or any other required information;
Is very easy to install. Just remove the toilet seat and install the device on the same place by 2 bolts.

It will be marketed at restaurants, stores and public buildings in the UK and is priced at £600 per unit.

No word on when or if it will appear in the States

Source: Clean Seat Holland via Which