Thursday, July 19, 2007

Sony’s RHT-G1000 Home Theater in a TV Stand

Sony has just announced that they will start shipping their RHT-G1000 ‘Home Theater in a TV Stand’ in October. According to Jeff Goldstein, VP of Marketing for Sony Electronics.

Unobtrusive home theater systems are soaring in popularity as flat-panel LCD televisions drive the market and, as a result, we have begun to merge home theater products into TV stands specifically designed for these displays
Another option the company is introducing is a TV stand with an integrated home theater system. Then you can add a Sony BRAVIA LCD TV for a full home theater experience without rear speakers.

The stand comes complete with concealed multi-channel surround sound speaker system, S-Master digital amplifier and Sony’s S-Force Pro virtual surround sound processing.

Rears speakers can also be utilized via the units rear speaker terminals. The Sony RHT-G1000 will retail for around $1300

Source: Sony Press Release