Tuesday, July 17, 2007

5 Ways to Cool Down this Summer

Over at PC Mag they picked 10 gadgets to help you stay cool; here are my 5 favourites:

Elecom SX-CL03MSV USB Laptop Cooler
The Elecom SX-CL03MSV USB Laptop Cooler, uses its dual fan to remove hot air from beneath your laptop. Two modes are available, Normal and Quiet, to reach the desired fan speed. Just connect it to the USB port and let it sit under your laptop. Compatible with both Windows and Mac, it sells for $49 at AudioCubes.com

Grilltek Barbecue Fan/Light Combo
Need to shed light on your BBQ and keep cool at the same time; then the Grilltek Barbecue Fan/Light Combo might be just want you need. Completely battery-operated, this flexible fan clips onto the side of any grill to not only cool you down, but blow smoke away from your face. Get it now for $29.95 from Gevalia.com.

Small Collapsible Musicooler
The Small Collapsible Musicooler from California Innovations can hold nine 12-ounce cans and features an AM/FM radio and an audio input to connect your MP3 playerPriced at $27.50 at KeepYourCooler.com

360-degree Tabletop Fan
The 360 degree fan from Frontgate means that all your guests will be kept cool this. With three speeds, it's also very portable with the carry handle. Its not cheap at $239 but your guests will be happy you spent the money.

USB Adjustable Fan
The USB Adjustable fan from USBGeek is powered surprisingly by your computers USB port. It features variable speed control, soft blades, and a foldable design and sells for only $9

Source: PCMag