Friday, June 29, 2007

Touchable 3D Images

The Japanese company NTT has developed a system that can make a 3D image appear solid enough to hold. The prototype Tangible 3D system combines a 3D display with a "haptic glove".

The display creates a lifelike image that appears to be just in front of the screen; the illusion of depth is created by showing slightly different images to the viewer’s eyes (no special 3D glasses needed). A haptic glove is connected to the display and contains numerous force-feedback sensors, so that the user feels like they are interacting with the object.

The system can also translate real-world objects into virtual representations. Two cameras image the items in 3D so that they can be displayed on the screen. A connected computer then processes the 3D image to generate a tactile representation of the object.This set up means that if the object being filmed is moved, the three-dimensional image also moves in real-time and the user will feel the movement with their hand.
Looks and sounds pretty cool…

Source: New Scientist