Monday, May 14, 2007

When is a Phone Not a Phone?

When is a phone not a phone? When it is a mobile communication device designed by students from the University of Dundee, College of Art, Science and Engineering program.

The students have designed radically different communication devices such as:
The Aware, which sends a tingle down your back if a friend, is nearby.
The Boom Tube, which allows people to make music together
The M:ssage, that allows you to receive a soothing massage from a loved one.
The Hive, which uses flashing LED lights to communicate.
The Aura, which communicates emotions through light motions activated by stroking the device.

More information on these alternative communication devices can be found at the ‘phone / not phone company’ website, founded by Graham Pullin and Jon Rogers

Source: phone / not phone via BBC News.