Monday, May 28, 2007

Toshiba V401 and V801 portable media player

Toshiba will be releasing the latest in the V Series, the 40GB V401 and 80GB V801. These latest versions include a new 4-inch, 24-bit color, 480 x 272 pixel display with built-in brightness sensor for automatic adjustment to local lighting conditions. They also support WM DRM10 and WMA 9 along with an improved 1Seg tuner and EPG for plenty of digital TV viewing and recording. The V Series are 24-mm thickness and a battery capable of 28/10/8 hours of playback audio/video/1Seg TV, respectively.

Should be available June 1st in Japan, for around $409 for the 40GB and $491 for the 80GB

Source: Engadget